5 Reasons Why Investing in Outdoor LED Lighting is a SMART Choice

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Lower Electricity Costs 

LED fixtures are highly energy efficient and use less power than traditional fixtures while still producing the same amount of light! 

That means you pay less on your monthly utility bills. With the price of electricity (per kilowatt hour) going up over time, using LED lighting can make a big difference to your bottom line and budget. 

In fact, investing in LED fixtures can result in about a quarter of the operating costs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs (

    5 Resons Outdoor LED Fixtures are the Best Choice

    Reduce maintenance time & cost

    No climbing up ladders every month or so to replace bulbs! Reduced maintenance frequency can be a big cost saving on labour and expenses.

    Quality LED fixtures can last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Well-made LED lights can last up to 15 years, given 45,000 hours of use.

    LED lights use solid-state components to produce light, not gas or filaments that are in halogen and incandescent. Unlike fragile traditional fixtures, LED is tougher to break or damage with external shock, and a great choice for outdoor use!

      Lower operating temperatures 

      Ever burn your fingers changing a hot bulb?

      LED fixtures are so efficient that they lose less energy to heat and operate at a lower temperature than traditional bulbs like incandescent and halogens. That means they’re safer to use around patios, decks and gardens where friends, family and children won’t get burned by accident on a hot bulb.

      Even the plants in your garden will grow healthier by not having hot fixtures burning their leaves and roots!

      Easy to design & install

      With integrated LED fixtures (driver is part of each light fixture), the lighting design and installation process is simplified. It can be as easy as adding up the fixture wattage and choosing the right size transformer and wire gauge.

      Until recently, it has been more complicated to design and install reliable low voltage (12V) outdoor lighting due to power requirements, voltage drop and wiring issues.

      For example, overlooking small details in a halogen system can result in voltage drop, flickering lights, uneven brightness and a short lifespan. 

      Today's quality integrated LED fixtures are more flexible and less sensitive to sizing and wiring distance issues. That means less cost in contractor labour time and less chance for messing up.

      Help the environment

      What materials go into the products you buy and use?

      LEDs don’t contain mercury unlike many of the more traditional light sources that require special handling and recycling.

      LED can be considered a good choice for sustainability. Along with the obvious energy efficiency over other lighting types, longer lasting lighting means less broken junk going to the landfill.

      LED technology is a win win!


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