Spike or Stem

Path and directional lights for residential applications are often set on top of a metal post which is fixed into the ground. Some companies make post extensions or telescopic posts to enable the height of fixtures to be adjusted. There are usually a number of different options for fixing the post into the ground. Some are metal spikes and some are polycarbonate or metal tubes with fins on four sides to stabilize them in the soil. These can be relocated as plants mature in the garden and conditions change which is advantageous, but will not have the robustness or longevity as some other options. A post with a screw thread can be mounted into a corresponding threaded junction box which can then be set into the ground or in a concrete pad/footing to stabilize.  Options are also available for a fixture with a post to be mounted to a hardscape horizontal surface such as a deck rather than being anchored into the ground. The choice for which mounting method will depend upon your site specific requirements.