Outdoor LED Lighting: what, where, when, who and why


Outdoor rated LED lights are specifically designed, built and independently tested to last in rain, snow and heat. Waterproof, sturdy, beautiful and functional fixtures are the best choice for outdoor lighting projects. Look for products with an outdoor wet rating




Install them in hardscape decking, patios, driveways and walls to fit with existing or planned materials including brick, wood, concrete, asphalt and metal. Highlight sculptural elements in gardens and flowerbeds. Create safe pathways. Even float LED lights in a swimming or reflection pool. Choose fixtures to suit your vision, passion and creative ideas.


Redoing patios, decks and landscapes provides an opportunity to include LED lighting and upgrade outdoor spaces. Even simple additions or small adjustments can make a big difference to improve nighttime atmosphere and usability. Start small and add lighting as you need, or go all out with a comprehensive design and installation. Plan to balance your needs and your budget.


Those who choose LED over traditional fixtures value long term cost savings including reduced monthly energy costs and reduced replacement costs as the fixtures last such a long time. Minimize your headaches and hassles and enjoy your outdoors!

Investing in quality outdoor LED lighting means doing it right the first time.

Choose the style you want and go for it! Work with a licensed contractor to achieve great results with your install.


Because life's too short to sit inside! 

Invest in efficient long-life LED fixtures and enjoy relaxing and entertaining outside in your own little slice of heaven.

Here are 5 reasons it's smart to invest in LED outdoor lighting.