SG StrapIt adjustable strap

  • $ 53.00

The Smart and Green StrapIt kit contains an adjustable strap to hang and hook Smart and Green's LED outdoor lamps. If you like the idea of having one of our lamps in the pool or pond, this kit will enable you to "tether" your lamp. Alternatively, hang the lamps from a tree branch, pergola, or any other sturdy support.


    • Includes adjustable strap, hooks, a flotation device, a cord and a counterweight bag to attach the lamp in the water
    • Attaches to the pull-out handle on the lamp


        • Compatible with lamps equipped with Bulblite & Bulb lamps
        • Max. suspension length is 3 feet
        • Max. anchoring depth is 7.5 feet


        • Hang up to 3 feet from a tree. Hang several lamps for a magical glow.
        • Use the counterweight bag to anchor your lamp to the bottom of a pool or pond. The float will allow th hooking system to remain on the surface of the water while recharging the lamp - just unhook the lamp from the cord.

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