SG Sunlite solar charger

  • $ 93.00

The Smart and Green Sunlite solar charger enables your Smart and Green lamps to stay in place outside while being charged. Very handy if you select one of the larger fixtures. No messing around - just use the compass to orient for the most solar exposure, plug in and leave to charge. It also has an integrated battery to provide extra hours of lighting for your lamp.


    • Solar photovoltaic panel
    • Compass built-in to enable best positioning of the panel to charge
    • 45 degree folding mounting base
    • Connection cable and socket
    • Contains an energy storage device for 4 hours of additional use
    • IP56 - withstands water spray
    • Manufacturer's guarantee is one year


        • Compatible with lamps equipped with Bulb lights (all of our range excluding the "Pearl", the "Dice" & the "Lantern"
        • Li-On battery 3.7 V 1000 mAh
        • Output dC5.5V 0.2A
        • Optimal charge time is 8 hours - 1 day (summer) or 2 days (winter)
        • Connection cable and socket included


        • For optimal use, clean the solar panel and connectors regularly using a soft, damp cloth

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