SG-Lantern Cordless Portable LED Lamp

  • $ 119.00

Take the Smart and Green Lantern Lamp for a walk around the yard at night. Carry the lantern by the handle and hang it up when you reach a favorite chair. Hang it off the frame of an umbrella to give a festive glow at night or use several lanterns to make a party! The Lantern Lamp is cordless and waterproof so no need to worry if it is left out overnight, even it it is stormy. Pick it up in the morning and give it a charge so you're ready again the next night to expand your life outdoors! Choose the color you want it to be (from 7 choices), or rotate colors.


    • Choice of 7 colors for static display or dynamic display with unlimited colors changing automatically
    • Polyethylene
    • Control several lamps at one time from up to 66 feet with a Pebble remote control (extra)
    • Approx 6 hours operation on one charge
    • Can use single or multiple charging station
    • IP 68 - suitable for outdoor, waterproof to 3'
    • 1 year warranty on LED components


      • 0.5W
      • 12 x LED's (8 x white, 4 x color)
      • Lifetime: 40,000 hours
      • Lithium-ion battery: 850 mAh 3,7V
      • 100-240V operating voltage for charging station
      • Takes around 6 hours to charge
      • Size: 6 x 6 x 7" high


      • Group these sculptural lights together to make a stunning impact. They come in different sizes too, the Ball is 35cm (13.77") diameter and the Globe is 50cm (19.6") diameter. One of each size sitting next to one another provides a sculptural effect.

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