Starlite Portable Solar LED Lantern with Arch Stand - SLAS

  • $ 62.95

Create an ambience on your patio or in your garden with these solar lanterns that provide a candlelight glow. Leave them sitting on a table or patio to give you enough light to make your outdoor spaces usable at night. Their self-supporting frame means that you can love 'em and leave 'em - just make sure they're in full sun when you want them charged with no fuss or electrical cords.


    • Six sided glass
    • Automatic light sensor (do not place near other light source or the sensor will not work efficiently)
    • "On/off"switch
    • No wiring needed


      • Die-cast aluminum frame
      • Powder-coated finish in weathered brown so it won't corrode, fade or weather
      • 2AA 1.2V 600 rechargeable batteries
      • Battery life 1-2 years depending on conditions (usage/exposure etc)
      • Takes around 8 hours to charge fully in full sun
      • Self-supporting
      • Size: 7" x 7" x 15" high

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